Winning at Black Friday: A How To Story

By: Lauren Weber

It is that time of year again where you are able to be in a food coma on Thanksgiving and then get up in the middle of the night to go shopping the next day. Yes, that’s right, it is time for Black Friday once again.

Black Friday and all the hoopla surrounding it is every marketers dream. The toy books, the TV ads, and the circulars are all a part of the marketing genius. Here, at JUMP, we promote value as well as cost efficiency. Therefore, I am going to pass along some of my Black Friday shopping wisdom so that you can see value and cost efficiency in your holiday purchases too.

This is not an event for the casual shopper. Black Friday is for determined bargain hunters willing to do just about anything to save big. If you should decide that you want to forage into the shopping madness, I have a couple of tips that will assist you in getting the actual best deals and shopping smart.

Now that you have the tools to shop with purpose go forth next weekend and save BIG!

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