Are you ready to JUMP into Kentucky Derby 2014?

By: Lauren Weber

In lieu of all the festivities taking place this week in Louisville where our home office is located, we are going to discuss the ins and outs of Derby Week.  We are specifically going to touch on handicapping horses, making mint juleps and what to wear to all of the local events.

Handicapping Dos & Don’ts

There are so many factors and so many horses in the Kentucky Derby that make it very difficult to handicap.  I have included a few pointers below that should give you a good start.

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What to Wear

The first thing the ladies will want to do is choose their hat.  The decorative hat is one of the staples for the Derby, which is also said to bring good luck.  Derby hats are typically large-brimmed, ornate and feminine.  They are usually worn off to one side.  Taking after Duchess Catherine, some ladies may also choose to wear a decorative fascinator or headband to Derby and Oaks.

The rest of the outfit should compliment the hat, which will be the focal point for the outfit. Keep in mind that while your hat is a great way to express your mood and style, you will want to keep it tasteful, as you never know who you might see in Millionaire’s Row.

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How to Make a Mint Julep

Ingredients (1 serving):
4 fresh mint sprigs
2 oz. bourbon whiskey
1 tsp. powdered sugar
1 oz. water

Muddle three sprigs of mint, sugar, and water in the bottom of a julep cup or highball glass. Fill glass with crushed ice. Add bourbon and stir. Dust fourth mint sprig with powdered sugar for garnish.  Serve with a straw.

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Festivities this week





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