The Nice List


‘Twas a night before Christmas, when all through the office,
not a JUMPer was working, not even Kirk;
The status’ were updated by the strategists with care,
In hopes that customers would soon see them there;
The creatives were nestled all snug in their beds,
while visions of responsive websites danced in their heads;
And Lauren in her snuggie, and Jessi with her cup,
and the IT team confident all the websites would stay up;
When out on the web arose quite the chatter,
About all the JUMP clients and how much they matter;
To their Windows and Macs clients hurried like the flash,
To sing all JUMP’s praises after clearing their cache;
The team had already posted the newly optimized SEO
giving high page-ranking to all the pages below;
when, what do David and Kalan see in their first year,
but a professional development and training with beer;
Jenna a little AC so lively and quick,
We knew in a moment our processes would stick;
More vast than mountains, is our service game,
and we get so excited we can call them by name;
Now UX! Now Search!
Now, Copy and Print!
On, Hosting! On, PR!
On, Design and Tint!
To the top of the page!
To the top of the rankings!
Now post away! post away!
Post away all!