Lessons Learned by the JUMP Intern

As I began to brainstorm the topic for my last blog as a JUMP intern, I could not decide if I wanted to write and reflect on my time as an intern for this kick-ass agency OR write something informational about marketing and the world of business. The outcome of my indecisiveness…I will write about both!

For the past 4 months, I have been a full-time student at the University of Louisville and a part-time intern for JUMP. While it was a very busy and sometimes stressful semester, it was worth it! Since I played the role of a student studying business and an employee trying to learn the in’s and out’s of adulthood at the same time, I was able to directly apply what I learned in the classroom to my experiences at JUMP and vice versa. It was quite refreshing to realize that I will actually use most of the material I learn in class in the real world. Some of the courses I took this semester are Business Statistics, Management 301 and Consumer Behavior.

So how did these courses translate to JUMP?

  1. Since I am not hugely fond of math, business statistics has been the bane of my existence this semester. With that being said, my new knowledge of the basics of statistics like skewness, variance, qualitative, and quantitative data has already come in handy at work. SEO and PPC are both terms we use on a daily basis in the JUMP office because it is one of the services we offer. Consequently, it is vital that we understand how to analyze the numbers we receive from AdWords, Google’s advertisement platform. The Business Statistics course helped me analyze the number of clicks, costs, and click-through rates so I could make accurate suggestions for our clients.
  1. Is there such thing as a Management 301 nerd? If so, I think I am one. I say this because I was blown away with how much I learned in a class that seems like common sense. The term I will carry with me for the rest of my days is MBO or Management By Objectives. Why? Because it is, in my opinion, the epitome of what it means to be a stand out manger and leader. JUMP’s new president, Kirk, is a great example of how to utilize MBO. Kirk met with each team member prior to his official first day at JUMP. In these meetings, Kirk and the JUMP team member decided on a personal strategic goal and established a plan of how to accomplish those goals. He checks in with each of us almost every day, holding us accountable and keeping us motivated. All I have to say is; #ManagerGoals
  1. Lastly, I learned about consumer behavior in both the classroom and at JUMP. Throughout the semester my professor constantly stated that the most important part of a business is to understand your consumer’s wants and needs. In JUMP’s case, it is prevalent that we first, understand our client’s needs and then the needs of their consumers. So it’s like double the research and double the fun! The first step in understanding our clients is learning their “story.” This is the best way to gain an appreciation for what our clients started with, how far they have come, and how we can help them reach their full potential. I think the whole JUMP team agrees that we are inspired by our clients and enjoy getting to know them!

In conclusion, my experience at JUMP has been, by far, the best learning experience of my college career. A special thanks to the team for welcoming me with open arms and making me feel more important than “just the intern over there.” Peace out and Happy Holidays!

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