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Job Description:

Are you a Designer that is creative, positive, and imaginative?
Welcome JUMP, where big ideas reign supreme. Here, customer experiences motivate us, game-changing marketing is created, awards are won, and technology is at the very heart of bringing our creative ideas alive. We have a culture that fosters and requires excellence. The competitiveness and determination of our team is unmatched. Across the board, inspiring, dynamic story telling and experiences are at the core be it for a website, a display ad campaign, a mobile application or a fully integrated campaign.



JUMP is seeking a Lead Designer to join our team. This person is obsessed with user experiences that affect the soul. They are courageous without being impulsive. Passionate without being reckless. Determined without being divisive. The designer wields Adobe Creative Suite with the skill and precision of a Samurai Warrior. Type stimulates them in the same way a roller coaster stimulates an 11 year-old child. They are compelled to use a camera rather than spend hours searching through junk-stock for mere mediocrity.

The Designer must be able to translate client business requirements, user needs and technical capabilities into designs that are visually exciting, easy to use and emotionally engaging game-changing creative work. This position requires excellent interpersonal and presentation skills, the ability to balance multiple projects successfully and collaborate across strategy, media, account and technology disciplines in our cross-functional environment.

About JUMP:

We live and breathe marketing. It is what gets us up in the morning and it’s the cream in our coffee (and we drink a LOT of coffee). We bring this passion, drive and dedication to each and every one of our clients.

We seek to create the best possible marketing experience by always staying a JUMP ahead of the competition.

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