JUMP President’s Inaugural Speech

By: Kirk Hilbrecht


I’m Kirk.

I’m one of the newest members of the JUMP team.

I’ve been appointed as JUMP President by Dan and Alan, but in truth, I’m merely a fellow evangelist who, too, worships at the alter of advertising.

I’ve been in communications, marketing and advertising for most of my adult life. I’ve served in the military for two decades (first active duty, now National Guard). I’ve worked at Doe Anderson, starting the interactive discipline literally in Doe’s basement. I had the unique opportunity to own Videobred and work with some seriously sick high end editors. I’ve served as the Commonwealth’s military-idiot-behind-the-microphone as the Director of Public Relations/Public Affairs before coming here to JUMP.

I love watching this JUMP team grow their killer ideas into awesome projects, programs and campaigns.

I’m in constant awe of what this JUMP team can do.

The JUMP peeps are awesome, hungry, dedicated, energetic, enthusiastic, optimistic, and uber-creative professionals. Though I’ve only been working with this kickass team for 2 weeks, I know we’re gunna reach unbelievable heights in no time!

I can’t say ‘Thank you’ enough to D&A for this opportunity, nor can I fully express my gratitude to this amazing JUMP team for their patience and acceptance of these new approaches to our business…and for tolerating the frequent soliloquies from ‘Captain Analogy’.

I’m truly psyched to be here (do you all know that word, ‘psyched’?) and to working with you all!


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