Invasion of the Intern

By: Lillie Kmetz

Hello world, it is nice to meet you! I am Lillie Kmetz, the newest addition and intern for the JUMP team. As I begin my journey into the world of digital marketing, I am pleased to be writing a blog, something that is refreshingly familiar to me. This week has been full of many “unknowns,” yet I am extremely excited to become accustomed and skilled in the areas of web design and development, social media management and digital strategies. All digital everything is the future after all!

I am a full-time student at the University of Louisville College of Business, working towards my Bachelor’s in marketing with a minor in management and entrepreneurship. With that being said, I have already learned so many valuable lessons within my first week as a JUMP intern that I would never learn in the classroom. For that reason, I look forward to soaking up all the information thrown at me to prepare for my professional career.

My coordinator, Lauren Baldridge, took me on an official tour of the office the other day. This involved me meeting every person who works in the office, which is a lot of people. Through the tour, it became clear to me that this company has found its success by establishing a welcoming and creative environment that inspires collaboration and optimization. The overall aura of JUMP can be described as simply motivating. Just being in the office makes me want to “JUMP” into my professional career right now (yay puns)!

While I must wait two more years to graduate and officially start my career, working for JUMP is a great way to develop my skills. Throughout this internship, I hope to experience more interactions with clients, develop my skills in the digital marketing realm and understand the functionality of a marketing agency.

Be sure to stay updated on our blog and follow my exciting journey as Lillie Kmetz; the new girl, intern or just that redhead over there.

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