Introduction to Avery Wardrup


Hola Interweb! My name is Avery Wardrup and I am the new Front End Developer at JUMP. That basically means I make everything web related look GOOD. My time at JUMP so far has been nothing short of amazing, but enough about that now, here’s some more about me.

In high school, I was mostly recognized for my achievements on the football field. Not wanting to appeal to this stereotype, I used every possible opportunity to be as tech savvy as I could be, taking any computer-related course I could. By my senior year, I could type HTML faster than I could type English.

I sharpened my skills as a developer at Sullivan College of Technology and Design (formerly known as Louisville Technical Institute) and narrowed down my skillset to front end development. In 2011, I received my Associates in Dynamic Web Development.

When I’m not busy being a keyboard killa’ I enjoy spending time with family, watching TV (specifically superhero related movies or TV shows), and spending an absurd amount of hours binge-watching Netflix. I also enjoy shooting hoops, tossing the pigskin around, and cooking. I like to think my turkey burger tacos are top notch and my grandmother says my banana pudding is the best she’s ever had.

Okay, enough about me. Let’s get back to JUMP. The best part of my JUMP experience so far would have to be getting acquainted with my co-workers. The personality of the collective team shines throughout the building, and it is a treasure to be around while doing something I love to do. Most days I can’t believe I get paid to be here. Don’t they say people are supposed to hate coming into work?

Getting the opportunity to work at JUMP has been surreal, and I look forward to coming in every morning… even on Mondays!


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