Farewell to JUMP

By: Hadley Grove

My internship with JUMP is finally coming to a close. It is a bittersweet feeling as I transition into a position closer to my home, but leave behind a wonderful team that has given me great experiences and memories. During my six months with JUMP, I feel like I have truly grown as a young professional in the marketing industry.

The lessons I’ve learned with JUMP have been priceless, so I’d like to take some time out of my last day as a JUMPer to reflect upon and share some of the most valuable things I’ll take away from this experience.

  1. There is always something to be done and improvements to be made.

At JUMP, we have a process for determining what we’ll be working on each day. C.T.N.T is the acronym we use to establish our task priorities. By utilizing this order of priorities, no JUMP team member should ever be without something to do. According to this system, the Clients always come first. Client projects should, without a doubt, be the first focus of JUMP team members. Once we’ve finished absolutely every possible client-related task, we move on to the Team. At this point, we check in with fellow JUMPers and see if there’s anything we can do to assist them with their projects for the day. Third, is New business. At JUMP, we’re always focused on new opportunities and growth. After individual client projects and assisting teammates, JUMPers move on to following up on and pursuing leads. The final priority is Training. In the rare occurrence that a team member finds themselves with “nothing” to do, they focus on their individual professional development and making themselves a more valuable asset to JUMP.

Keeping this system in the back of my mind throughout my days at JUMP has taught me a lot. When it comes to my professional life, there is always something to be done and improvements to be made. If I have my priorities set, there should always be something to do. It’s also reminded me that no matter what career I find myself in, there are always ways to enhance my professional skills.

  1. Morning Huddles are important.

Every morning, the JUMP team has what we call a Morning Huddle. These brief 10 minute meetings standing around the Craft Table are an essential part of every JUMPers day. This is a time for JUMP team members to discuss what they’ll be working on and their priorities for the day. It’s their chance to let their teammates know if they’ll need help on any of their projects.  As an intern, these meetings were especially helpful. They gave me insight into what the day would hold and what I would need to focus on each day.

Morning Huddles are important. This daily ritual taught me how important it is to ensure I’m on the same page as my team members before starting my day.  It’s perfectly okay to ask questions if it means the team will work more cohesively throughout the day. This is something I will keep in mind no matter who I find myself working with in the future.

  1. Confidence is key.

If there’s one thing that’s grown during my time at JUMP, it’s my confidence. Going into my internship at JUMP, I had no idea what to expect. I’d never had an internship before, and I’d never before been given the chance to use what I’d learned in school in a real life situation. I was so nervous on my first day with JUMP. I didn’t know what I should be working on or how I was going to be of any value to the team.  Over  time, I got more and more comfortable with the team, and I began to find my place. As this happened, my confidence grew. The more responsibility I was given, the surer of myself I became. I loved the moments when I would find myself working on a project where I utilized the skills I’d learned in my classes. I also loved the moments when I got to learn something brand new and use my own creativity in the process.

Confidence is key, and this is perhaps the most valuable and lasting lesson I will take away from my time with JUMP. No matter what field of work I am in, it is crucial to have confidence in my abilities. At the same time, it’s also important to humbly remember that there is always room for growth. The combination of these two mindsets can be a powerful tool, and I plan to carry these ideas with me moving forward.

I am so thankful for my time with JUMP and the experiences this opportunity provided. I will miss the team immensely. I will miss outdoor lunches, blanket-wrapped team members, Kirk’s enthusiastic leadership, morning huddles, and HipChat giphys. I’ll never forget my time with this team or the three most valuable lessons they gave me.

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