A Day in the Life of a JUMP Intern – Sabrina Wellendorff

By: The JUMP Team

My name is Sabrina Wellendorff and I am a senior at the University of Louisville pursuing a degree in Marketing with a minor in Music. This is my first blog post EVER so please bear with me! I found out about the internship through Hannah Fisher, who served as an intern before me.  It is my first few weeks as a Client Development Intern here at JUMP and I love it!  As you can imagine, I’ve been a busy bee trying to get into the swing of things and everyone here has been more than helpful.

This is my first internship with an interactive marketing agency and the experience has been eye opening.  In my Basics of Marketing class at UofL, the course outlines the basic concepts and ideas behind the various fields in marketing.  Being at JUMP has exposed what marketing and social media really mean in today’s world.  The first thing I did as the newest intern was attend a meeting between the creative team, project managers, and account managers.  While it took some time to get the “lingo” down, I started understanding how client development is structured and how an interactive agency works with all of its moving pieces.  I’m also learning about who JUMP’s clients are and what services we provide for them. I have been educated on other marketing services and definitions such as SEO, PPC, digital analytics and I’m learning how to utilize them in the digital marketing world.

I’ve been learning how all of the departments at JUMP work by meeting with department ambassadors and finding out what his or her responsibilities and roles are in the agency.  I’ve really enjoyed that this internship is not solely dedicated to one department but includes and integrates other areas of the agency and marketing overall.  Some things I’ve already had the chance to work on are: research for specific clients, setting up and researching e-commerce accounts, learning more about project management interfaces such as AtTask and BaseCamp, and that was only in my first two days!  I can’t wait to see what’s in store next!

I am excited to learn as much as I can during my time at JUMP and to be part of this agency! Follow our blog for more posts about a day in the life of a JUMP Intern!

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