Vlogs vs. Podcasts

Vlogs vs. Podcasts

Today, brands have many opportunities to become a “friend” to their consumers, rather than just a company. Learning where and how to connect with your consumers is key. And when it comes to deciding between podcasts or vlogs, the decision is quite simple. The Guardian reporter Elena Cresci tells the tale of the first known […]

Instagram Introduces Stories

We’re big fans of Instagram at JUMP. And Snapchat. They’re both fun apps that offer a visual way to communicate and share your life with friends and family. It even offers a way to connect you to brands you love and see exclusive news, product releases, and more. Instagram Stories is nearly identical to Snapchat stories. […]

How to Transform Your Advertisement Into a Story

You see them in between shows on TV, in the middle of baseball games, shouting through your radio and as you scroll down your Facebook newsfeed. Advertisements are all around you and content is constantly being thrown at you through every platform you can imagine. So how do brands make their messages heard? What makes […]

Facebook Returns to its Core

Facebook has yet again announced changes to its news feed algorithm. This time instead of promoting content from pages, business pages more specifically, it will allow a user to see more of what their friends and family are posting.  This is causing some panic among business pages that rely on Facebook for generating traffic. Facebook […]

6 Ways to Use Facebook Live For Business

Live streaming has been gaining popularity over the last few years with the rise of apps such as SnapChat, Periscope and Meerkat.  Facebook has jumped on the streaming trend by launching Facebook Live a few months ago. This feature allows users to share what they are doing in real time.  So why should your business […]

5 Ways You Know You’re a JUMPer

JUMP is a little different from your average advertising agency. When you walk into their office building, you’re not surrounded by cubicles or bland walls. When you peak into their morning huddles, they’re not sitting at an oval table discussing today’s to-do list. When you glance over at their desks, they’re not always neatly organized. […]

Social Media Intern’s First Assignment

Hello! My name is Leah Brown and I am the newest social media marketing intern for JUMP! I recently graduated from Western Kentucky University in May with a Bachelor’s degree in News Editorial Journalism and a minor in Political Science.  In my free time, I love traveling, skimming social media, attending hot yoga classes and […]

Tech // Tip Tuesday: Old Meets New

This Tech Tip Tuesday post comes at the heels of a wonderful Memorial Day weekend. It’s also a throw back tech to my adolescence, specifically to listening to my favorite music. Growing up, I had three options for listening to recorded music: vinyl-disks-called records on a turntable, the radio, or the cassette tape. Believe it […]

Fundamentals of a GREAT Blog

Writing a blog is easy, right? Sure. Writing a GREAT blog, not so much. Our digital driven lifestyles cause us to scroll through our news feeds constantly, so it takes some effort to catch our attention. Knowing the fundamentals of a great blog can help you write something that will capture your audience. If your […]

Branding Series: Analyze Your Brand

In any typical process-driven strategy, research always precedes analyzing otherwise what exactly are you evaluating? We believe you have to know what you’ve got before you decide on what you want. To do that, you need to analyze your brand. The Importance of Branding  Step 1: Analyze Step 2: Research and Planning Step 3: Implementation […]