Emerging Technologies in Search

Emerging Technologies in Search

“I’m not concerned with the future, I’m concerned with the future’s future.” – Robert Doniger, “Timeline” – Michael Crichton Right now, there isn’t a bigger buzzword in tech and marketing than “artificial intelligence.” These trained models and neural networks are leading a ‘Smart’ revolution — in everything from robotics and medicine to children’s toys. ‘Smart’ […]

It’s Not Which, but When: Augmented Reality vs. Virtual Reality

Although two years later than the “Back to the Future” franchise predicted, inventions in the movies have, or are expected to, make their debut in 2017. For example, hoverboards (just not the way we imagined) Mr. Fusion robot, Nike’s self-tying shoes, smart glasses in the form of virtual reality headsets, etc. But with virtual reality, […]

Chatbots: Where Customer Service Becomes Custom

Your latest purchase just arrived and it’s the wrong item. In theory, it shouldn’t be difficult to find a solution. But sometimes it’s not that simple when dealing with busy customer service departments. The options for contacting a brand have previously been calling, emailing and, most recently, Tweeting at the brand. Anymore, these methods lack […]

10 {Re}Emerging Technologies

Artificial Intelligence It’s not exactly robots walking around, asking your drink order. Artificial intelligence, or the blending of the real world with a virtual reality, has actually been around since 1956, when smart guys at a conference at Dartmouth College coined the term without the proper technology. Though it has made headlines in 2017, it’s […]

Insider Tips for Digital Out of Home

The power and resolution of digital out of home (DOOH) displays have become impressive in recent years. Unfortunately, impressing people with a DOOH display has become harder than ever. There are a few reasons for this, but the big one is ironically rather small — the smartphone. Fortunately, if used correctly, DOOH displays have some […]

What the Survey Says

One of the many challenges in the advertising industry is understanding how and why consumers are influenced by the messages they receive. As marketers, we seek to prove ROI and maximize engagement in our media planning and channel decisions. This is made increasingly difficult with new emerging technologies because of their lack of sophisticated targeting […]

Show Your Brand from a Whole New Angle

Imagine you’ve developed an exciting, new tool — say, a smaller-than-normal nail gun that allows you to work in tight spaces. (Good for you. That sounds like a useful tool. Hope you make zillions.) In order to convince your target audience it will make nailing easier, which is the key to its successful marketing, you’ll […]

The World is Speeding Up

It’s not just the technology, it’s the way we use technology — to inform, to entertain, to connect, to buy — all faster than ever. And in more ways than ever. As a marketer, I’m often in awe of the speed of change, especially in digital communications. Awe aside, I’m also tasked with the sometimes-daunting […]

Magazine Apps: We’ve Turned the Page

“Magazine apps are dead!” A quick, Google search might have you believing the digitally-enhanced versions of our favorite publishers are useless, overrated, expensive and as irrelevant as their print predecessor. In fairness, this was pretty true. In 2012. The introduction of mobile devices – and the host of apps that came with them – was […]