Alex Jones

Industry Participation:

Interned at LEAP Agency for a year then been full time for 3.5 months now



Bachelors in Computer Engineering/Computer Science from Speed School of Engineering at the University of Louisville (and finishing up masters)

Co-oped at Yum! Brands Inc. for a year


Key Major Accounts:

LEAP: Bubbas33, Jacuzzi/Sundance, Lauras Lean Beef, LeapAgency, Plaid, Senco/Senco Pro Team, Showa Group, Dant Clayton/Stadium Bleachers, Stokers, Texas Roadhouse, Thirdfederal


Favorite Part About Your Job:

Finding the most efficient solution to an obscure problem.


Favorite Band:

Too hard to pin down, I have a soft spot for punk rock and I like Smash Mouth more than any reasonable person should.


Best Live Performance:



Favorite Movie:

The Emperor’s New Groove


Favorite Sports Team:

UofL Basketball/Football


The Unexpected:

I’m actually completely average.