5 Ways You Know You’re a JUMPer

By: Leah Brown

JUMP is a little different from your average advertising agency. When you walk into their office building, you’re not surrounded by cubicles or bland walls. When you peak into their morning huddles, they’re not sitting at an oval table discussing today’s to-do list. When you glance over at their desks, they’re not always neatly organized.

But rather, you walk in and see an open work area surrounded by bright green walls and a ping-pong table. You observe their morning huddles around a big wooden table where JUMPers stand instead of sit to get their brains moving for the workday. You’ll notice their desks are scattered with notes, designs and upcoming projects.

However, what makes up a JUMPer is not the office building they work in or how their desk is decorated, but by certain qualities they pertain. Here are five ways you’ll be able to spot a JUMPer when you see one.

They’re wearing a snuggie.

These workers do not mess with cold air. Although it’s summer and warm outside, the inside of the building feels like winter. It’s not unusual to see a team member wrapped in one of these wonderful blankets while in the middle of a meeting.

JUMP team

They’re always searching for that “Insta-Moment”

As a digital advertising agency, we take our social media seriously. Any moment that looks picture worthy will be captured and posted on every platform within the next 15 minutes. We love updating our followers with whatever fun activity we’re doing in the office that day.

JUMP team

They’re enjoying the occasional drink on the job

JUMPers like to relax just like everybody else. Who else can say that they have a wine cart that pulls right next to their desk? One pinot grigio, please!

JUMP team

They’re looking for an excuse for a team lunch

“Oh, we got a new intern!” “It’s Friday!” “It’s a team member’s birthday!” If JUMPer’s love anything it’s free food and spending time with their team, so why not do both? Team lunches are the best way to combine the two.

JUMP team

They’re supporting their team members

One of JUMP’s top priorities is helping out other members on the team. They rely and work on one another in order to get a task done, and get it done well. You’ll spot these JUMPers hanging out at each other’s desk, discussing solutions and working together to make their clients happy.

JUMP team

These five ways are only a few of the several assets that make JUMPers stand out from the rest. If you’re interested in getting to know our team a little better, hop on over to our website and social media to see what makes each of our team members unique!


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