436% Increase in Twitter Followers in 50 days

By: The JUMP Team

Yes, you read that correctly; no, your eyes are not deceiving you. JUMP successfully grew their Twitter following by 436% in 50 days, and our numbers only continue to climb.

Twitter can be a scary and overwhelming place, probably because of its fast pace and spontaneity. It is an intimidating world, yet it seems like EVERYONE is on Twitter.  A prime example of how well we “social media” is how well we “social media” for ourselves and for a digital agency selling social media services, our numbers were not confirming our skills by any stretch of the imagination. Why did JUMP have so much of a nonexistent Twitter presence?  We were so focused on great digital campaigns for our clients that we pushed ourselves to the wayside.

One of the most important aspects of anything we do is to put ourselves in our clients’ shoes and even more importantly, our clients’ client’s shoes. Therefore,  JUMP said “if I was looking for a company to help me with my social media, I would look for one with an undeniably strong social presence”. Needless to say JUMP’s credibility was shot, so trying something new could only help us. We are not advocating that your number of followers is all it takes to have a good social presence, that is actually light years from the truth. However, by increasing your number of qualified and relevant followers, higher engagement and interest naturally follows. We read up on a specific Twitter strategy found on Wannabite blog’s Twitter E-book and we decided to try it out for ourselves and take you along for the journey.

Here is a journal of our progress:

Day 1

Followers: 107

Day one entailed setting up our account with a Twitter-specific management program. We are also undergoing some competitor research. Who has Twitter accounts that we would like to strive for that are in our industry? Who do we want our social accounts to compete with at some point?

Day 2

We have completed setting up our strategy and now get to sit back and watch the magic happen.

Day 13

Followers: 247

We are noticing more engagement with each post we are sharing because we are targeting Twitter users who are interested in our industry and the type of content we are sharing.

Day 20

Followers: 348

Our account is accumulating quite a few automated Direct Messages coming in. This could be higher than the average user because of the industry that we are targeting. We are targeting marketers or people interested in the marketing industry and this is an obvious marketing tactic.

Several of these messages are “Follower Validations” using Truetwit or some other spam filtering program. While a good idea in theory, as a regular person running our accounts, I personally find them quite annoying.

Others are asking to follow them on other social platforms or an invitation to buy something. To me, annoying again. I follow certain followers because I am interested in their social content, not because I want to be sold at or another +1 on all of your social media following lists. In my mind, this is a surefire way to tell your followers that you only care about the numbers.

Day 31

Followers: 416

We are definitely seeing a steady growth in followers as well engagement with our tweets. The holiday break has set us back a bit, so the growth throughout the past 2 weeks or so haven’t been nearly as much as we have seen previously. However, with a new year comes new year’s resolutions. Our  resolution is to continue strengthening JUMP’s social media presence and juice up the content that we are posting. Follow us to get in on the action!

Day 41


Although we are seeing exponential growth, the most important thing we are doing is the continuation of posting engaging content. There is no use in having all of these great followers who actually care what we are saying if we don’t say anything important to them!

Day 50

Followers: 574

It has been 50 days since we embarked out our great Twitter journey and overall, I consider it a success. I am happy with the results of our 50-day trial. We have seen slow and steady increase in Twitter followers and an increase in engagement with the content we post. Looking back there are several things we could have done to leverage our success with the strategy even more. Within the 50 days, we had a rather large holiday break that we slowed our process during. We will continue to increase our following and plan to move forward with our own digital efforts (after all, that is our area of expertise). We are entering a year of change and growth for the JUMP team, and a new digital strategy will leverage that. Our next goal: create a consistent strategy among several of our digital platforms. Stay tuned to see what’s next!

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